Today’s Best Custom Deck Builder is Much More than a Deck Contractor

In order to create the deck of your dreams, homeowners must consider a large list of factors that do not always readily come to mind, nor do they all seem to fit together in a logical way. That is why today’s best custom deck builder is much more than just a deck contractor.

What is likely the most important factor in choosing the right custom deck builder is their experience as designers as well as deck builders. An extensive and varied portfolio of completed projects is just one of the first steps to ensuring that they have the extensive design experience that sets them apart.

Another important step is ensuring that they utilize the latest tools, techniques and technology to both design and build their decks. It is only in discussions with likely candidates that you can learn whether they are driven by the latest tools, technology and approaches to deck design and construction while also having the knowledge to work with them properly.

Most any deck contractor will help in considering how the space will be used to some degree. A highly experienced custom deck builder will be far more thorough in terms of helping you parse different uses and there order of importance, location, and the overall backyard t among others.

Everything from the orientation of the sun to the topography of the yard and orientation of the house on the lot as well as neighboring houses are important considerations.
A truly qualified custom deck designer will mesh these considerations with others, such as family size, ages, and activities as well as the types and scale of entertaining that you do and hope to do. All of these will collectively inform all manner of further design considerations.

The average deck contractor may not have the breadth of experience or the understanding of today’s materials and design options to go beyond the basics such as stairs, posts, lighting, balustrades and railings. A true custom deck builder is well versed in much broader design possibilities such as pergolas, porches, gazebos, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and walls to define different functional areas and create privacy.

Demand for decks with multiple tiers is increasing, as are requests to finish the space below an elevated deck. This can also include integrated features like built-in benches, planter boxes and storage. An experienced custom deck builder will immediately access any township or city government rules that may limit or dictate size and orientation regarding a deck on a particular property.

Today, design aesthetics, use, and performance attributes are freed or limited by design tools and construction materials. While computerized design programs are quite standard today, not all programs provide the same flexibility and quick response to design changes as others.

The use of composite materials has infinitely broadened the possibilities of deck designs, but not every deck contractor has the required level of experience and intimate knowledge of their chosen manufacturers. A leading custom deck builder will be able to show an intensive and ongoing training protocol between their company and the composite manufacturer of record. This includes extensive hands-on use and understanding of the technology necessary to create the finished custom deck design.

Making the best choice concerning a custom deck builder is not only determined by the questions that you ask and their answers, but also in the questions that they ask of you. A strong and varied portfolio should always be accompanied by a long list of varied references that show a trend rather than a deck contractor picking among a few happy clients. All of these and other considerations can only come to light by a homeowner doing their homework before choosing their custom deck builder.

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