Pool Deck Designs with Pavers for Summer

pool-deck-designs-1After a long winter, it’s likely that all you can think about is spending every summer day possible by the pool in the back yard. Now is the perfect time to embellish that backyard pool by borrowing some elements from popular pool deck designs. Pavers are an ideal way to enhance any pool deck whether it’s an in ground pool or an above ground design.

Any pool deck designer would have a myriad of options when utilizing pavers to surround a pool as they are highly versatile in terms of colors, patterns and placement. Creating a combination of paver areas mixed with natural areas that includes decorative mulch, soil and plantings can serve to integrate the hardscape areas with the natural areas of the backyard for a more oasis-like feel and look.

pool-deck-designs-2Pool deck designs that utilize pavers also have other advantages such as their ability to provide more natural drainage. You will certainly appreciate this aspect during rainy periods of spring and summer. They also provide a great deal of flexibility over concrete as they are far less expensive to repair.

Even the best concrete pool surround will eventually develop cracks that are very difficult if not impossible to successfully repair. On the other hand, when there is any shifting under the soil of pavers, the affected pavers can be removed, the area repaired, and the very same pavers placed back good as new.

pool-deck-designs-3In addition, it is much easier to make changes to pool deck designs when the pool deck designer is working with existing paver areas that can be easily expanded or even redesigned.

Pavers have the added advantage of being able to seamlessly integrate old pavers with new pavers without any coloration or difference in appearance of age.

From full surround designs to creating walkways and paths, pavers provide an excellent way to make connections in our outdoor pool deck designs.

pool-deck-designs-4You can’t beat the feel under foot as they provide a cool surface that maximizes traction while still being smooth enough for bare feet. Now is the time to take those ideas for pool deck designs that were hibernating in your mind during the winter months and wake them up with the help of a qualified pool deck designer to create that ideal backyard retreat.

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