Integrating Lighting into Your Deck Design

One of the most important areas that contribute to the maximum use of your deck while also adding to its ambient beauty is deck lighting. From entertaining guests at an evening affair to an intimate evening alone with a loved one relaxing in the hot tub, lighting must be versatile in order to provide safety, serenity and stylized illumination to your outdoor oasis.

Deck builders in NJ that specialize in design will work with the home owner to plan the deck based on its intended uses. This will help determine where and how lighting will be incorporated as well as a host of other characteristics and amenities. In order to begin visualizing the final design of the deck, it’s important for homeowners to have an understanding of the different lighting elements and what they can provide in terms of specific and general lighting.

For those planning to use their deck for entertaining, brightly lighting the deck without ruining the ambience can be accomplished with a number of different light fixture types that are attached to specific areas of the deck in quantities based on usage areas and traffic patterns. The two types of lighting for a deck fall into either functional or decorative categories.

While functional lighting is to provide general illumination it is still indirect lighting in many ways so as to maintain the ambience and keep direct light out of the eyes of anyone on the deck. This lighting can be in the form of wall sconces, or it can be concealed behind wall valances, roof eaves or rafters. Perimeter lighting with lower power floods can be placed in adjacent trees or bushes to indirectly provide light to the deck. Privacy screens can be illuminated from the top or bottom to provide general illumination as well.

Many types of lights like post cap lights, floor lights, and underside of rail lights, which are often LEDs, can provide both ambient decorative lighting while contributing to general illumination. Strings of miniature lights can be used to link deck items such as railings, pergolas, arbors, patio umbrellas in various areas and quantities depending on the desired effect. Larger Chinese lanterns or other decorative lanterns can be strung to provide transitional lighting for the deck as well as throughout the yard and an adjacent patio.

Stair riser lights are an important safety feature (which may be part of a building code depending on where you’re located) while they also provide a nice ambient lighting touch. The same can be said for paver lights, which can be directly installed into the walkway or as path lights that go directly into the ground adjacent to the walk. They can also be integrated into a paver stone walkway design.
Deck builders in NJ that are design experts as well as building experts and craftsmen can help to make the decisions with you on what types of lights and in what quantity they are necessary along with the placement decisions. By putting these different lighting aspects under separate switch control and in some cases dimmers, it will allow them to be used in various combinations for everything from festive parties to intimate relaxing nights in the deck hot tub.

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