Budget for a Spring Deck Project

How to Budget for a Deck- Deck Builders- Amazing DeckEstablish a budget early for your spring deck project, and you’ll be able to build the deck you really want!

Winter is the best time to start thinking about building a new deck in the spring. There are many factors to consider, including the resale value of your home, deck material, size, style, and special features. Planning during the winter gives you time to save money in order to build a beautiful new deck in the spring. After all, a beautiful deck is a big investment – but it can be well worth it if you do it right!

The design of your deck and your choice of materials will affect the project’s overall cost. Consult with a decking contractor during the budgeting process so you can keep your budget realistic and know that you’re getting a good product for a reasonable price.

Here are some of the factors involved in the creating a budget for a new deck

The budget for your deck can be broken down into smaller parts.

Selling your home

It’s important to take into consideration the resale value of your home, as well as how long you plan to live in it. If you plan on selling your home shortly after your deck is completed, you may not want to build an expensive desk that you won’t be able to enjoy for long. However, having a deck does increase your home’s resell value.


In another blog post, we discussed the difference between Trex decking options, which are Select, Enhance and Transcend in order of the least to most expensive material. We use Trex’s alternative decking material because it offers many advantages over traditional wooden decks such as resistances to warping, fading, splintering, mold, and decay. The life expectancy of this kind of alternative decking material is approximately 25 years.


Play around with design ideas and be creative when designing your deck. Just be aware that design elements such as size, custom shape, different levels, built-in benches, stairs, railings, gates, etc. can increase the cost.

Special features

We suggesting putting your money toward the things that will help you get the most out of your investment. For example, maybe you don’t need a huge deck because you don’t entertain for large numbers – just a small group of friends. So make it smaller, add a fire pit where you and your friends can hang out, and maybe buy some nice Adirondack chairs.

Some other special features you incorporate into your deck design are an outdoor kitchen, a screened-in porch or pergola, and a hot tub.

General Recommendations

Making a list of wants versus needs will help you make decisions during the budget and design process.

Although deck additions tend to be straightforward projects, it’s always a smart idea to allocate a small portion of your budget toward unexpected costs. For example, you may encounter issues with soil quality.

You want to be sure that your deck addition adheres to your city or town’s building codes and permits. Working without the proper permitting may cause your project to be stopped until you obtain the proper paperwork. Because permits differ from town to town, your deck contractor should be able to file and obtain any permits necessary to build your deck. The cost of obtaining permits depends on where you live and the scope of your deck addition. Depending on your city, the addition of a deck may also increase your property taxes since a deck is considered a permanent structure that adds value to your home.

At Amazing Decks, we will work with you every step of the way to ensure your dream deck becomes a reality. Check out our recent projects, to see examples of our work. You can contact us or give us a call at (800) 220-3275 for more information on what we can do to build you an amazing deck within your budget.

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