More Privacy for Your Deck or Patio

It’s kind of hard to enjoy your deck or patio when it’s wide open to neighbors. Maybe you want to enjoy an intimate summer evening or sunbathe free from onlookers’ stares. Or maybe you just prefer the comfortable feeling of knowing that nobody can see you, even if you’re just eating or reading. There are a handful of things you can do improve the privacy of your backyard livings space, ranging from relatively inexpensive DIY projects you could complete in a day to some larger projects that you’d probably want to hire a deck building company to do.


Go to your local nursery to buy some plants. Hedge walls and trees are a great way to give you some privacy. You can also use a combination of large potted plants and hanging plants to create a bit of a barrier.

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A tall solid fence is probably the best way to completely isolate your deck or patio for maximum privacy. On the other hand, it might make you feel boxed in and claustrophobic. It’s totally dependent upon your preferences. One thing you could do is to build the top few feet of a six- or seven-foot tall fence out of latticework. This will still provide privacy while making the space feel a little more open.

outdoor patio

Privacy Screens and Curtains

outdoor privacy screen_source-pinterestPrivacy screen and curtains are great because you can bring them out or tuck them away whenever you want.

Privacy screens could be a great DIY project for you. You could make one out of repurposed doors or build one from scratch to fill the dimensions of the space you need to fill.

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Curtains are another option. If you’re worried about keeping out insects, they can provide a barrier. In terms of style, they might be your preferred choice if you want to incorporate that high-end island resort feel into your backyard living space.


Not only do you need to think about physical privacy, but you also might want to consider privacy for your conversations. Features like waterfalls can provide a sound barrier between your neighbors and your personal conversations with family and friends.



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